Ar. Kamal Ismail

Director of ZKI Architects Sdn. Bhd.

AR KAMAL ISMAIL  is a founding partner of KAMAL ISMAIL ASSOCIATES. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Melbourne University in 1977, Ar. Kamal Ismail joined Universiti Teknologi Malaysia as a lecturer and later Daya Bina Architect (M) as an architect until 1984. He founded KAMAL ISMAIL ASSOCIATES chartered architect, a partnership practice, in 1988 and later transformed it into KAMAL ISMAIL ASSOCIATES SDN BHD, a body corporate practice in 2004.

With over 38 years of professional experience, Ar Kamal Ismail has been involved with projects in various building categories ranging from institutional, residential, and commercial; including works in collaboration with foreign architects.

Ar Kamal Ismail is a corporate member of Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia, Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia and a member of Royal Australian Institute of Architect.